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Why play?

Healthy lifestyle

Research shows that play increases creativity, clarity, memory, problem solving, empathy and decreases stress, boredom and dissatisfaction.

Why is Movement Important?

Humans are designed to Move

Movement is essential to health and vitality. It increases circulation and balance, while decreasing stress and preventing dis-ease.

Why Take a Class?

Personalized Experience

Our classes are fun, motivating, intimate and safe. Our instructors provide insightful feedback and a well-rounded experience.

These are a few of our favorite things

Try attending a few different types of classes, and you’ll quickly discover the right match to suit your needs. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of popular classes offered at the PLAY studio.
AIReal (tm) Yoga
Yoga that is in the AIR and really is yoga.
Down to Earth Vinyasa
A thought-full earth based yoga practice, exploring one thing at a time, one step at a time.
Definitive Barre & Cardio Barre
Barre is a heat building dance-fitness fusion class.
We use the element of water or simulate the feel of water with a paddle board to create a unique yoga experience.

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