I'm a teacher, a student, a treehugger and animal lover! Yoga and fitness are my greatest passions.


My life path



Meet the Founder: Tracy

Tracy has literally spent her whole life drawn to movement. She dove into swimming, gymnastics and ballet at an early age. Tracy got her first fitness certification in 2000 from Madd Dogg Athletics to teach spinning and that was just the beginning. Since 2012, Tracy has been blessed to be mentored by and studying under Shannon Paige: a rich and dynamic teacher, poet, and artist, who inspires her to be creative, thoughtful and entirely in love with the practice and teachings of yoga. In 2015, Tracy received her Definitive Barre certification from Elizabeth Vino, the most kick ass barre and mitana teacher at Equinox. Tracy was drawn to the AIReal Yoga program, because she wanted to source more fun and lightness into her life. She has literally been blown away by this revolutionary therapeutic modality, and thanks to founder Carmen Curtis, has realigned with teaching from love, staying simple, and being real. in 2016, Tracy received her DaVinci Bodyboard certification from founder, Floery Mahoney, a truly passionate and inspiring woman. Tracy is a 500 hour certified teacher (500-RYT) in the School of Embodied Poetics, and is certified to teach AIReal Yoga.


Our Vision

We are a slice of sunshine, an open door.
A blank canvas inspiring stepping out of the norm.
Safely breaking some rules, save one... BE KIND.
We are butterflies and buttercups,
Ballet barres and silk hammocks.
For there are many paths of yoga,
and many ways to PLAY!


Our Story

We have been working in the yoga and fitness industry for over 16 years, and while we probably haven't seen and tried it all, it feels like we have! Remember The Slide workout? Jazzercise? Step Aerobics? Kickboxing? Performance Ball? Some were a one and done. Others were fun for awhile and then we lost interest. We didn't know it at the time, but we were searching for the extra ordinary class experience that has a certain magical quality, something that we couldn't get enough of. We found that when we first fell in love with yoga. Then we fell head over heels for Definitive Barre and AIReal Yoga! We just knew we had to share these memorable class experiences so that others could feel uplifted and energized by coming to PLAY!