Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a monthly membership?

Currently we offer only punchcards and drop ins so that you pay for what you use. Our punchcards never expire, so you can attend class when it works with your schedule and your life!

Yoga + Ten Punch Pass : $150 (use up to 2 punches for non- yoga classes)

Barre + Twelve Punch Pass : $144 (use up to 2 punches for non-Barre classes)

Daily Drop In Fee : $18

Local’s First Week Drop In: $18 (for first time customers with ECO I.D.)

Private Instruction: $80 (50 minute session)

Is Aerial Yoga and/or Barre safe?

While every workout carries some inherent risk, and each participant is different in their level of conditioning and health history, YES aerial yoga and barre are pretty darn safe. For starters, we teach AIReal Yoga which is the only officially recognized aerial yoga by Yoga Alliance, the governing body that sets standards for yoga credentialling. We give great attention to ensuring the structure and rigging can support 2,000 pounds dynamic weight per hammock. And our aerial classes are “low flying” where most of the time we have at least one point of contact with the ground. While inversions are wonderful and fun, you never ever have to do one to get the most out of your aerial class experience.

What do I wear / bring to class?

  • For Aerial Classes: Please wear a sleeved shirt and pants/leggings that come beneath the knee. We ask all students to adhere to our policy of NO JEWELRY and no fragrances in order to protect you and our equipment.  (We have little nightmares of yards of silk caught up on someone’s beautiful twinkling nose ring.) We recommend toe socks too!
  • For Non-Aerial Classes: regular workout attire is perfect.
  • Please Bring a water bottle to refill with filtered water.

Do I need a mat?

Yes, you will need a mat for all yoga classes. If you forget one, no biggie we have shared studio mats you can borrow.

Can I buy my own hammock?

Yes, indeed! Having your own hammock makes the practice even more delightful! Personal hammocks are by special order only. Please talk to Tracy at the studio or email

What if I’m running a little late for class?

Oops! This happens to all of us. Please shift gears and go do something lovely for yourself. Due to strict safety procedures, and in order to be respectful of everyone’s time, we close classes five minutes after the scheduled start time.