Flying Into Floor Practice by Aubrey Goetz

“The benefits of Aerial Yoga and it’s compliments to floor practice”

Enthusiasm to grow as a yogi led me to Tracy’s Peace Love Aerial Yoga studio, which offers AiReal yoga, the only aerial yoga accredited by the Yoga Alliance. I am a snowboarder and cyclist whose arms and shoulders have always fallen to the wayside, and the missing strength was noticed in my floor practice. Then, I walked into Tracy’s beautiful studio, and with her incisive and passionate direction along with her magical personality, I started flying. Many of the positions I was learning in the phantasmagorical silk hammock were isolating shoulder strength, and as I continued my classes I noticed a building force in handstand and different plank positions on m mat. Lifting myself into the air was noticeably enhancing the way I was pushing myself off the ground. Also, my poses started to refine themselves where I did not even know they needed refining. Aerial yoga is centered around a “plumb line’ where the (center of) gravity will always pull to. This invisible line is exact in balance, it provides a model for form adhering to floor practice. With the silk correct alignment is revealed. Flying has opened a new door of exploration into yoga in the form of constant movement. Tracy’s looped silk hammocks swivel 360 degrees on a single point, allowing full movement on all planes. The result is an efficiency of motion that is nothing less that a breathtaking dance. And did I mention that hanging upside-down is the best thing ever? I am so excited to continue discovering how yoga in the air is working in tandem with yoga on the earth… Oh! and now there is a little voice telling me to run away and join the circus.