AIReal Yoga™ Aerial Yoga

AIReal Yoga is a play on the word aerial, because AIReal Yoga™ is yoga in the AIR and it Really is yoga. We use a silk hammock attached to a single pivot point to support and elevate a traditional yoga practice. This class will allow you to safely fly, float, finesse postures and feel free. AIReal Yoga™ is the only brand and teacher training of aerial yoga accredited by the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance is the preeminent Yoga organization in the United States whose mission is to set the standard for teacher training in the Yoga industry.  "Credentialing is at the core of everything we do at Yoga Alliance. When searching our registry, a potential student can trust that a Registered Yoga Teacher has a certain level of education and experience, in accordance with our standards,” AIReal Yoga™, unlike many other forms of aerial yoga, adheres to the standards set by the Yoga Alliance and has had the honor bestowed upon them by the Yoga Alliance after a very long a deliberate process of certification.

Definitive Barre™

Definitive Barre Fitness is committed to providing the most professional, reputable, and all-encompassing Certification course on the market to instructors. This class is a full body workout fusion of pilates, dance and fitness while staying true to it's classical ballet roots. This class will leave you energized, elevated and pumped up!

Barre PLAY!

This is our signature aerial barre class! We take Definitive Barre choreography and access the movement plane of AIR. We use aerial hammocks in conjunction with other traditional barre equipment to create a highly specialized, fun and effective workout.

BR-X™ Cardiobarre

This is our signature cardio barre class! BR-X™ is a full body cardio barre workout where we pull out all of the stops to shape a challenging 30 minute workout. One of the biggest trends in fitness right now is very effective short workouts because people live busy lives. BR-X™ fits the bill, so bring your A game and be ready to sweat.

Down to Earth Yoga & Weekly Donation Yoga

Down to Earth Yoga is a floor based yoga class, steeped in alignment and infused with vinyasa flow. It invites practitioners to find satisfying joy in the process of learning, and to apply their practice where it matters most: in the practice of their own lives. This class will leave you awake and inspired.

Snooze Bar

Peace Love's Snooze Bar is a guilt-free napping experience. This class is crafted to relax and restore you so that you can return to your day more alert, more creative, with greater clarity and less stress. Aaahhh...

Handstands, Tea & Coffee

Yes, Please! This is a very social and leisurely 75 minute class focused on handstand drills to inspire, motivate and support a hardstanding practice.

handstands + coffee class
handstands + coffee class